Insurance Services by Carrier for Period

We looking for a report that will list all sessions that have been billed for each insurance company during a month. For example, the report would list out many sessions have been billed for MVP insurance for the month of October. Please let me know if this is possible.

In the following query, the output is directed to an HTML file that can be viewed in a web browser, or loaded in Excel for additional manipulation.

  pt.lastname, pt.firstname,, 
  jou.trandate, srv.srvcode, prv.provcode, jou.amount
  sos.journal jou 
  JOIN sos.jcharges chg ON jou.jnum = chg.jnum
  JOIN sos.jchgsplits chs ON chg.jnum = chs.jnum
  JOIN sos.ptpayors ptp ON chs.ptpayornum = ptp.ptpayornum
  JOIN sos.payors pay ON ptp.payornum = pay.payornum
  JOIN sos.patients pt ON jou.ptnum = pt.ptnum
  JOIN srv ON chg.servicenum = srv.servicenum
  JOIN sos.providers prv ON chg.providernum = prv.providernum
  pay.payortype = 'I'
  AND trandate BETWEEN '2011-11-01' AND '2011-11-30'
  pay.payorname, pt.lastname, pt.firstname,, jou.trandate ;
OUTPUT TO c:\sos\insforperiod.html FORMAT HTML

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