Age, Gender, Primary Provider, and Number of Visits by Patient

We need some basic demographics, along with primary provider and number of non-zero visits during a specified date range.

This is a pretty basic query, but it does include a subquery to provide the number of visits.

  a.lastname+', '+a.firstname+' ' AS "Patient Name/ID",
  COALESCE(b.provcode,'') AS "Provider",
   FROM sos.journal jou JOIN sos.jcharges chg 
   WHERE jou.ptnum = a.ptnum 
     AND jou.trandate BETWEEN '2000-01-01' AND '2016-12-31'
     AND jou.amount > 0) AS "# of Visits",
  sos.AGEINYEARS(a.DOB,TODAY()) AS "Age", AS "Gender" 
  sos.patients a 
  LEFT OUTER JOIN sos.providers b ON a.providernum = b.providernum
  WHERE "# of Visits" > 0
  "Patient Name/ID"

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