Billed Charges by Payor

“Is there any report that will tell me how many claims were filed to the carriers?  I’m looking to identify which carrier we send the most claims to.”

There is no report, however, this query will tell you how many items were billed for each carrier. Please note that if you generate a claim, but then do not  print it out (or send it electronically), OM will still see it as having been billed.

  pay.payorname AS "Carrier",
  car.companynum AS "NEIC",
  COUNT( DISTINCT j.JNUM) AS "Number of Services Billed"
  sos.JOURNAL  j
  JOIN sos.JCHGSPLITS jc ON j.jnum=jc.jnum
  JOIN sos.PTPAYORS ptp ON jc.ptpayornum=ptp.ptpayornum
  JOIN sos.PAYORS pay ON ptp.payornum=pay.payornum
  JOIN sos.CARRIERS car ON pay.payornum=car.payornum
  pay.payortype='i' AND
  ( jc.firstbilled IS NOT NULL)
  AND j.trandate>'1980-01-01'



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