Changes to an Account Primary Provider

I noticed a change in the Provider Activity Report by Primary Provider when I recently reprinted it for a previous time period. I was able to track the change to a payment that is on the new report but was not on the old one. I checked the payment in question and it was posted prior to the first report. What is the explanation?

It is probably that the primary provider was not assigned to the account when the original report was run, or that a different provider was assigned at the time. In either case, the payment would not be shown for the current primary provider. Below is a query that shows the current provider as well as the provider at the time of each revision to the patient data. By comparing the two values you can determine if there was a change, when it was made, and who made it.


  coalesce(c.provcode,'none') as current_prov,
  coalesce(d.provcode,'none') as previous_prov,
  a.upddate as last_update,
  a.updtime as last_updtime,
  b.upddate as revision_date,
  b.updtime as revision_time,
  b.upduser as revision_user
  sos.patients a 
  join sos.atPatients b on a.ptnum = b.ptnum 
  left outer join sos.providers c on a.providernum = c.providernum
  left outer join sos.providers d on b.providernum = d.providernum
  a.ptnum = 101
order by 
  revision_date desc,revision_time desc

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