Listing Patients With UserSort Fields

I am trying to do a query on the additional tab of a client.
We have renamed the 3 squares (in a row) and not sure what they were called Can you give me a query that will get any of the 3 squares. I would never run them all at the same time however would run 1 at a time.

The three customizable fields on the Additional Tab are “usersort”, “usersort2”, and “usersort3”. You can find them in the PATIENTS table and in the RV_PATIENTS view. The example below includes all three, but you can remove any you do not want from the SELECT list:

  /*you can select from either PATIENTS or RV_PATIENTS*/
  /*the following conditions filter out all but active patients in the main data set */
  flag = 0
  AND dischargedate IS NULL
  AND licnum = 101

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