Mailing Labels for Active Patients with Zero Balance

I would like to send a flyer to all patients who have no balance and who have been seen within the last six months.

The following query specifies only that the patient has been seen for some sort of service in the last 180 days and that the current balance is zero or less.

Check the appropriate How-To document in the blue bar at the top of the page for instructions on saving the results to HTML format that you can open and save with Excel. You can then use the Mail-Merge feature in MS Word to create your labels using this data. See Mail Merge Labels in Word Using Query Results.

   (a.firstname + ' '+a.lastname) AS "name",
   a.addr1 AS "addr1",
   a.addr2 AS "addr2",
   (', '+a.state+' ' AS "addr3"
   sos.rv_patients a
   JOIN sos.pt_noninsbalance  b ON a.ptnum = b.ptnum
   b.ptbalance <= 0
   AND lfeedate > (TODAY()-180)
; OUTPUT TO c:\sos\labels.html FORMAT HTML


0 thoughts on “Mailing Labels for Active Patients with Zero Balance

  • Daphney Taylor says:

    This mailing query is just what we need, but the mailing list has children listed also. How do I add a query so that the list will be for 18 years of age and older only.

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