Patients By Rendering Provider

I need a report that lists by rendering provider the names of any patients who had a service by that provider—and I need to set the date parameters and choose the therapist I want that info on.

Here’s the query, which is easy enough. Just adjust the conditions in the WHERE clause
for the desired date range and provider codes.

  DISTINCT pr.provcode, pt.lastname, pt.firstname,
  sos.providers pr
  JOIN sos.jcharges jc ON pr.providernum = jc.providernum
  JOIN sos.journal jou ON jc.jnum = jou.jnum
  JOIN sos.patients pt ON jou.ptnum = pt.ptnum
  jou.trandate BETWEEN '2010-01-01' AND '2010-12-31'
  AND pr.provcode IN ('VB1','VB2','VB3')
  pr.provcode, pt.lastname, pt.firstname,

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