Payment Latency for Specified Payor Number

In order to determine how many days it takes a payor to pay your claims, you
can examine firstbilled and paiddate values in JChgSplits. The following
query will tell you these dates and compute the number of days between them.
Just change the payor number (get the payor number from the second column in
Lookups > Ins Carriers/Plans) and the desired service date range in the
WHERE clause.
   a.jnum,c.amount AS "Fee",
   a.chgsplamt AS "SplitToPayor",
   datediff(day,a.firstbilled,a.paiddate) AS "PaymentDays"
   sos.jchgsplits a
   JOIN sos.ptpayors b ON a.ptpayornum = b.ptpayornum
   JOIN sos.journal c ON a.jnum = c.jnum
   b.payornum = 101
   AND c.trandate BETWEEN '2004-1-1' AND '2004-12-31'

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