Copy and Paste of Treatment Planning Details

At times it is desirable to have the same detail description in several Treatment Plan classes. For example, let’s say that you have created a detail for the specific symptom “sleep difficulties” in the Problem class “Depression”. This symptom is common to many problems, so SOS provides a quick way to copy the new detail to other relevant classes.


  1. Open the Treatment Plan Search window by highlighting the appropriate section heading (ie: Problems, Goals, Assets, Obstacles, or Interventions) in an existing treatment plan, then click the Add (green plus) icon in the toolbar.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon to display the entire list of classes and details in the section.
  3. Navigate to the class that already includes the detail you want to copy. In our example, it would be the (Problem) “Depression” class, under which you would see “sleep difficulties.”
  4. Highlight “sleep difficulties” and click the Copy (two sheet of paper) icon on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can simply press the standard Windows key combination for “copy”, <CTRL> and <C> on your keyboard.
  5. Now highlight a different class that should also include the “sleep difficulties” detail. Click the Paste (clipboard) icon on the toolbar, or use the Windows paste key combination, <CTRL> plus <V>.

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