How to Batch Claims Using Carrier Category

At times it is desirable to batch claims according to a particular payor or payors. Examples include:

  • Generating a batch of Medicare paper claims using the Medicare-specific formats.
  • Generating electronic claim submission files for just selected payors.

The most efficient way to proceed is by using the Carrier Category setting on the Additional tab of your Carrier/Plan form (Lookups > Insurance Carriers/Plans).

9-26-2011 4-27-33 PM


Create and assign the same Carrier Category to each of the Carrier/Plans that you want to group together for insurance claim runs.

When it comes time to generate insurance, just specify the desired Carrier Category in the batch options to create a batch that contains only claims for those payors assigned to the specified category:


9-26-2011 4-39-15 PM

Note that even a blank category field is significant. If you have assigned certain payors to a category, they will not be included in the batch if you leave the batch option for Carrier Category blank. That is, a blank Carrier Category will match only those payors with no category selected on the Additional tab.

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