How To Reset Claims So They Can Be Rebilled

  1. Select Claims > Output Claims(s)… in the SOS Navigation Bar.
  2. Find the claim batch in which your original claim was created. (Double-click the claim batch to view the specific claims in that batch to confirm that the desired claim is in the batch.)
  3. Highlight the claim you want to reprint and click the Clear Billed Dates button to reset all the charges on that one claim. If you want to reset more than one claim in the list, tag those you want to select by holding down the <CTRL> key and clicking each one. To tag all the claims, use the Tag All (yellow map pins) button.

    It is also possible to clear the billed dates on only some of the charges on a claim. To drill down to the specific charge line on a claim, highlight the claim and click the first button on the toolbar instead.
  4. Go back to the Navigation Bar and select Claims > Create A New Claim…
  5. Make sure you uncheck the Include Previously Billed Items option, then carefully specify the patient and date range of the services covered on the claim you want to reprint.