How to Reverse a Credit Entry or Over-Payment

Reversing an Unapplied Payment

First, locate the credit containing the unapplied payment:

  1. Open the patient from Patients – Billing or Patients – All Data.
  2. Click to select the Ledger tab. The Ledger list tab has its own tabs. Make sure you are on the All Items tab of the Ledger list.
  3. All the Credit transactions are highlighted in green. Scan through the values in the Unapplied Amount column to find the desired transaction. You may find it helpful to click the column title a time or two to put the non-zero amounts at the top of the list. Once you find what you are looking for, double-click that line to open the Credit details view.
  4. At the top of the Credit screen, select the reason you are making this change.
  5. Next, simply change the number in the Credit Amount field, eliminating the unapplied portion. For example, if the credit amount is $100, and $60 of that has been applied, you will see $40 in the Amount Unapplied field just below Credit Amount. Subtracting $40 from $100 leaves $60, which is how much has already been applied. So, in this example, you would change the Credit Amount to $60. Doing so will automatically change the Unapplied Amount in the following field to zero. Note that this change will return $40 to the payment voucher, making that $40 available for to make a payment to any of this payer’s accounts or for refunding to the payer (see below).

Reversing an Applied Payment

  1. Open the relevant Credit in the patient’s Ledger.
  2. At the top of the Credit screen, select the reason you are making this change.
  3. Double-click each of the Credit Splits in the Credit Splits list at the bottom of the window. Change the split amount to zero and save.
  4. Once you have changed all the credit splits to zero, change the Credit Amount to zero in the upper part of the Credit screen.
  5. Save and exit the Credit. The original amount of the credit will be returned to the Voucher as undistributed funds.

Recording a Refund

If you want to refund the payer for the amount you just reversed, be sure to record it using the procedure detailed in the How to Record a Refund article.

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