Printing a Deposit Reconciliation Report

SOS recommends that you reconcile your actual cash and checks with the receipts entered in the system prior to creating your bank deposit slip and making your deposit. Doing so is a simple matter. The system keeps a running list of your payment vouchers as you enter them, whether or not they are actually applied to outstanding patient account balances. View them by navigating to Billing > Deposit.

Notice that the Deposit list shows only physical payments (cash and checks) that you would include on a bank deposit slip.

  • First, keep in mind that the Deposit screen is a list like most others in SOS, so you can easily filter the list by specifying values in one or more columns at the top of the list. For example, you can specify a particular Payer name at the top of the Payer column, a particular date or date range at the top of the Date column, or a particular payment type at the top of the Type column. Doing so will immediately hide all rows that do not match your filter conditions. You can then selectively highlight the desired payments using the following techniques.
  • If you want to print or post everything in the Deposit list, use the Tag All button (third button of the four shown in the image above).
    If you want to print or post a group of consecutive payments, click the first one to highlight that one, then hold down the <SHIFT> key and click the last one in the group to highlight everything in between.
    If you want to print or post more than half of the payments, first highlight the whole list using the Tag All icon, then hold down the <CTRL> key and click each of the rows you want to un-tag.
    If you want to print or post less than half the list, you can reverse the above technique. Start by using the Un-tag All button (button four) then hold down the <CTRL> key and click the payments you want to tag.

Preview and print the Deposit

Once you have the desired payments tagged, SOS suggests that you preview and optionally print a hard copy or generate a PDF of the Deposit before posting. Click the Print Deposit button (the second of the Deposit buttons on the toolbar).

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Posting the Deposit

Once you have checked over your Deposit preview and printed a hard copy or saved a copy as a PDF to a secure location (remember that this report may contain HIPAA protected data), you are ready to post the Deposit, archiving the tagged payments and removing them from the list. You might even want to wait until you have confirmation that the bank deposit has actually been made.

To post, simply click the Post Deposit button on the toolbar. The tagged rows will disappear from the Deposit list. They then can be viewed and modified if necessary from the individual patient ledgers.

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