Speeding Charge Entry with Copy Previous

Use the Copy Previous Service button to duplicate a previously entered charge. The previous charges will appear in a list, with the most recent one highlighted.

If you have previously entered charges for this patient and the charge you want to enter now is essentially the same as the one you entered before (with the exception of the date, of course), use the Copy Previous Service button to complete the transaction for you:

  1. Open a new charge entry screen.
  2. Select a patient.
  3. Check desired Copy Previous Also include.. options, namely: Memo, Comments, User Defined Values, and Create Splits Based On Current Settings. (See next section, below, for details.)
  4. Check the Date To field to be sure the service date is correct. If you change the date after doing the copy operation, splits will be recalculated, and you may end up with something other than what you want.
  5. Click the Copy Previous Service button. The previous charges entered for this patient will appear in a pick list. In general, you may find it most convenient to have the list sorted in reverse date order, with the most recent entry at the top. If the list is not already sorted in that fashion, just click the Service Date column heading a time or two to re-sort the list.
  6. Highlight the charge entry you want to copy, then click the OK button or press <Enter> to copy the details of the highlighted charge to the current transaction.

Copy Previous Options

You can fine-tune what is copied when you use this feature by checking the appropriate options to the right of the Copy Previous button.

  • Check the Memo option to include the contents of the Memo field (on the Additional tab) of the charge entry to be copied.
  • Check the Comments option to include the contents of the Comments 1 and Comments 2 fields (on the Additional tab) of the charge entry to be copied.
  • Check the User Defined Values option to include the contents of all the User Defined fields (on the User Defined Fields tab) of the charge entry to be copied.
  • Check the Create Splits Based on Current Settings option to create new charge splits normally, just as they would be if you were not doing a Copy Previous operation. On the other hand, leave this option un-checked to copy the splits exactly as they appear on the charge entry you are copying. That would preserve any manual adjustments of the split amounts you made on the previous charge.

Even if you have chosen to copy from a previous charge, you may modify any of the fields that is not as you want it, including the charge splits. Note, however, that you will be unable to save the charge unless the sum of the charge splits matches the fee.