Using the List View Filter Editor

List View Filter Editor

The SOS G5 List View Filter Editor was created by SOS’s programming tool partner, DevExpress, which has published a good overview of the component on the DevExpress YouTube channel. You will probably find the portion from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to be a valuable introduction.

The following walkthrough is a DevExpress transcript of the two and a half minute portion from 30 seconds to 3 minutes of the video:

Invoking the Filter Editor and Creating Simple Filter Criteria

To invoke the Filter Editor, right-click any column header and select Filter Editor… in the context menu.

By default, the Filter Editor displays filter criteria as a tree where individual nodes represent simple filter conditions. The root node is the logical operator combining all conditions. Any filter condition consists of three parts: a column name, criteria operator and operand value. If the grid’s data is not filtered, the editor contains one incomplete filter condition for the clicked column.

Click the value box and select Medium in the dropdown list.

Click OK to close the editor and apply changes. As a result, the grid displays only records with a priority set to Medium. Now you can invoke the Filter Editor using the Edit Filter button within the Filter Panel.

To add a new filter condition, click the plus button next to the root node. This can also be done by clicking the logical operator and selecting Add Condition.

Select Name in the list of available columns. Then, use the Contains comparison operator and enter the ‘vendor’ string in the value box. Click Apply to filter data without closing the editor.

The grid now displays records with medium priority and names containing ‘vendor’ in them.

Deleting Filter Conditions

Now delete all filter conditions by clicking their buttons or by selecting Clear All in the logical operator’s menu.

Constructing Complex Filter Criteria

You can now create a more complex filter criteria. To create a new condition group, click the root logical operator and select Add Group.

Change the created logical operator to OR.

Create two new conditions within this group. These conditions will select records that have a High priority or a status set to New. In the same manner, create one more OR condition group with two conditions. These conditions will select records with Created Date between January 1 and today or those where Fixed Date Is greater than April 1.

Click OK to filter data using the created criterion. You’ll see the entire filter condition displayed in the filter panel.

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