A Model to Follow

Sometimes when I start looking for a topic for this blog, I struggle a bit. I find myself searching without finding a topic that feels useful and satisfying. When that happens, I go to newsletters I receive from a variety of sources to help me come up with ideas.

Today, I did not even go looking. A newsletter from one of our customers appeared, and I was reminded that some behavioral health organizations do this newsletter/blog/public information activity just right.

Southeast Psych of Charlotte, North Carolina sends me their newsletters regularly. They also send Southeast Psych’s Hotsheet, a summary of the videos and blogs and programs they have presented during the month. If you think your organization ought to be doing more public education and reaching out to your clients and to your community, you would be hard pressed to come up with a better model for doing so.

Take a look at some of their offerings and get an idea about how a behavioral health practice or agency can use the internet and social media to develop a significant influence in their community. Then get posting!

If your organization does something similar, please let me know so we can see many examples of how behavioral health providers can establish a community presence using electronic media.



0 thoughts on “A Model to Follow

  • Brilliant example of internet marketing of a clinical practice. What I particularly love is the site’s art design and how it creates a light, whimsical feeling that is welcoming and non-threatening to prospective clients. Thanks for blogging about this.

    • Thanks for your comment, Bruce. I agree, the approach they take is a wonderful example of a hopeful, enthusiastic presentation of lots of information.

      We have a friend and colleague who has been teaching Psychology for almost 40 years. He maintains that same lighthearted enthusiasm, a passion for the message. If mental health professionals really believe in that which they communicate in psychotherapy, that is the only truthful way to successfully communicate the information. When the passion is gone…

      I would love to share any other examples of such effective communication of the principles and practice.

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