A Voice That Carries: Empowering fathers to be a positive influence in the lives of their daughters

During graduate school, what seems like a lifetime ago, I was very interested in gender roles and how they were formed. As a young feminist, I was surprised to learn that fathers have a major influence in how girls develop their self-image. Forty years later, research makes it clear how important this dynamic can be.

Three weeks ago, I received a newsletter from our customers, Southeast Psych, about a project they have undertaken. It is one I think you will find interesting and I hope you will support.

Five of the women professionals at Southeast Psych have created a project called A Voice That Carries:


The Vision
The creators, 5 passionate women from Southeast Psych who are on the front lines of treating eating disorders, recognized a need to empower fathers who have previously been left out of the conversation.
Our goal with A Voice That Carries is to create an uplifting documentary that encourages fathers to engage with their daughters and equips them to make a positive impact.
The Plan
The first step in sparking a movement for positive father-daughter relationships is making this inspiring documentary. We believe that a father’s voice carries hope, strength, courage, and so much more! Our aim is to have as many people see this film as possible to enhance the lives of families for generations to come. Our film maker is Brett Culp, known best for his award-winning film Legends of the Knight.
To learn more, please check out our website, AVoiceThatCarries.com
Help Make It Happen!
To finish this project, we’ve launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign.
Please watch the teaser to our film, which is just a snapshot of one of the many stories that will be told in the full length documentary. If this is something you believe in, please help us spread the word!
If you would like to contribute to our fundraiser, please visit our Indiegogo campaign page
Inspired by the work of Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a psychologist, blogger, writer and father, encouraged by the support of their colleagues at Southeast Psych, Dr. Lauren King, Dr. Heidi Limbrunner, Dr. Tracy Barcott, Dr. Melissa Miller, and Lindsey McKeon, R.D. have undertaken to create a documentary film that will have an impact on how father’s affect the lives of their daughters. Please take a look at the movie teaser, for A Voice That Carries. I hope you will be as moved as I was.
Please share your comments below. Thanks for reading.

0 thoughts on “A Voice That Carries: Empowering fathers to be a positive influence in the lives of their daughters

  • Wonderful. I just want to call my Dad right now and thank him. And my brothers. I am one of 3 daughters and our father raised us to be confident and independent but mostly instilled in us that we have worth, that we matter and we are beautiful.

  • Kim Giacalone says:

    I appreciate that this Dad visited the makeup aisle and magazine section then took the words and gave them a positive meaning for his daughter. Great video and definitely have a tissue ready!! I look forward to the movie release.

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