Add Newtown, CT to the Very Sad List

The horrible shootings in Newtown, CT this past week have again reminded us of how fragile human life is. Others have more eloquently addressed this tragic loss than I am able to do.

Often in  a circumstance like this, it becomes clear that the perpetrator experienced mental health issues that were inadequately addressed. The behavioral health community jumps to the defense of the mentally ill immediately citing the very low incidence of violence caused by the mentally ill. Rather than become defensive, I think we need to be open to hearing and acting upon other perspectives on such tragedies.

My niece is an educator. Yesterday, in her blog, she posted a take on these events that we should all consider. Please take a look at her post, One Educator’s Response to the Sandy Hook School Shooting.

Please feel free to share your comments here and at Kami’s blog.

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