APA Convention in Orlando: Customers, colleagues, and more

From Thursday August 2 through Sunday August 5, 2012, Synergistic Office Solutions exhibited at the American Psychological Association (APA) convention in Orlando. The last time we exhibited at APA was in New Orleans in 2006. As a New Orleanian, it was my way of thanking APA for holding the convention there so soon post-Katrina.

This time, the meeting was held in Orlando. Since the SOS headquarters is located in Clermont, FL, a mere 30 miles west of Orlando, we felt we should attend. We had a few other outstanding reasons to be there.

Three SOS customers also exhibited this year, and we definitely wanted to see and support them.

University of Missouri Community Psychological Service received a large grant that will allow them to expand their services. Dr. Rob Harris was at APA interviewing for their open positions for psychologists.

Alliant University - CSPP booth

Alliant International University – California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) attends every year. According to Michael Newman, the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, many CSPP alums attend the convention. For them, it is a great opportunity to reconnect with alumni and to talk with potential new students.

Southeast Psych is a private group psychology practice in Charlotte, NC. Though we had spoken with Dr. Frank Gaskill and Dr. Jonathan Feather many times since 2000 when they started using our software, we had never met. We do receive their monthly newsletter, so we knew that their approach to the practice of psychology is unique. How many practices do you know that have as one of their goals the pursuit of fun?

Dr. Feather and Dr. Verhaagen of Southeast Psych playing at APA









Southeast Psych has begun to do some consulting with others who also want to develop their Dream Practice. I was glad to join in some of the fun while there.

Kathy with Darth Vader and Storm Trooper








I had a few other pleasant tasks while at the convention. I got to visit with and then hear the presentation of my long-time colleague and friend, Dr. Ellyn Kaschak, this year’s Carolyn Wood Sherif Award recipient. I attended a University of Florida reception for alumnae of the program in Clinical and Health Psychology (of which I am a graduate).

Trish and I hosted other visitors/friends at our booth.

Fred Coolidge, Ph.D.

Dr. Fred Coolidge is Seth’s cross-country riding buddy, Professor at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, author and rock guitarist. Dr. Bob Neimeyer was Seth’s student while at University of Florida. He is Professor at University of Memphis, prolific author and frequent Continuing Education speaker.

Robert Neimeyer, Ph.D.

Finally, I attended a panel on women presidents of APA and the APA Presidential reception hosted by Dr. Suzanne Bennett Johnson, 2012 President of the American Psychological Association.

Suzanne Bennett Johnson, Ph.D. President, APA

Suzanne was an intern and then a post-doctoral fellow when I was a graduate student at University of Florida. We have worked together on the Board of Directors of the Florida Psychological Association over the years. She has had a distinguished career in Health Psychology practice and research, spending many years at U of F and then moving to the Florida State University College of Medicine. It was a special pleasure to attend the APA convention when a career-long colleague and friend was presiding. I’ll bet she had even more fun than we did!

Were you at APA? Do you have memorable convention moments you would like to share? Please do so below.





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