As We Approach the Thanksgiving Holiday

We find ourselves feeling grateful for you, our loyal customers. We are pleased to have served you for these past 31 years and look forward to continuing to meet your needs for practice management, scheduling, and clinical record software.

For you and your families, we wish a warm and safe holiday. May we all feel grateful for the good in our lives, for the privilege we experience, for the opportunity to work and to grow, for the people we hold dear . . . and for so much more.

Thank you!

0 thoughts on “As We Approach the Thanksgiving Holiday

  • Barbara Langley says:

    I hope that everyone at SOS had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. As for me and my family, we managed to gather 19 of us to celebrate. It’s hard to get all 23 of us together. We had a blast!

    We are grateful for the rains that FINALLY came to start helping to put out the fires in Gatlinburg. We’ve not had rain since July 4th. It’s been a very strange drought, causing lots of fires. Sad to say, many of them were ignited by people. There’s been an outpouring of love and support to try to save as much of these beautiful mountains as possible.

    I continue to be impressed by your Support Staff and how in-tune you are to all of the issues we have to face in healthcare. I think that you are the very best!

  • Carol Marrazo, MS Behavioral Health Specislists, PLLC says:

    And we are grateful for all of your team who continues to keep all of us informed about current topics that affect us all. You help us feel secure in knowing our practice management system meets all of today’s standards of excellance.
    Thank you SOS team…and Happy Thanksgiving!

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