Caregiving Revisited

Several times in the past few of years, I have mentioned that I am the primary caregiver for my almost 93 year old mother. Last week, she took a fall that has left her in terrible pain and needing a great deal more assistance.

In addition to getting help from others, I am trying to implement some of the suggestions that I have read about. While resources are available, many of us do not find them in time to be of real assistance to us.

One decision I have made is that it is time to set priorities and to follow through on them. I will be going to the medical equipment store today to look at hospital beds. On Thursday,  we will get an order from the doctor for home health care assistance. Hopefully, on Friday I will be able to get input about sitters and the like.

In the meantime, I will need to put this blog on hiatus. If I can get some of my co-workers to do a post, there will be something here. If I get inspired and have some found time, I will do a post. Otherwise, I will leave you until things quiet down on the home front.

Thanks for reading. Hope to talk to you again soon.

0 thoughts on “Caregiving Revisited

  • Nancy Cloutier says:

    I have just gone thru the same situation with both my parents last year. I was 1500 miles away trying to help deal with both of them in the family home. Hospice was very limited and had to pay for care givers out of pocket. It was very expensive. My heart goes out to you. Nancy

    • Oh, Nancy, that had to be so difficult. Trying to manage family matters from a long distance is very hard. At least I was able to bring Mom here after Katrina flooded her home. I hope to get some home health care assistance soon so it is not all on me. Thanks for your thoughts.

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