Collaborative Documentation: New National Council Webinar

If you have read this blog for a while, you are no doubt aware that I am a webinar junkie. There are loads of free webinars available and they provide lots of very useful information. I am especially fond of the webinars presented by The National Council and have written several articles based on their webinars on topics such as Health Information Exchange and behavioral health, integrating behavioral healthcare into the healthcare home, compliance requirements, and the impacts of healthcare reform on behavioral health providers.

These presentations have usually been packed with information, quick-moving, presented by very well informed individuals or panels, and a pleasure to attend. The webinar I attended today was no exception.

Collaborative Documentation Promotes Efficient Services for Children & Youth was presented by Katherine Hirsch, MSW, LCSW, Consultant, MTM Services, LLC. Ms. Hirsch did an excellent job of explaining just what collaborative documentation is, how to do it, how to engage the client in the process, and what the benefits are. She covered an impressive quantity of high quality information in 90 minutes.

If you are looking for ways to more effectively use psychotherapeutic time, improve the accountability of your staff, and assure that records are completed in a timely fashion, you need to see this webinar. In about 48 hours, the recording of the webinar will be available for viewing at the National Council website.

Behavioral healthcare faces many challenges in these rapidly changing times. Finding the time to provide services well and effectively while accurately and carefully documenting those services is a real challenge. Learning how to utilize collaborative documentation can increase your chances of success.

Are you already using this methodology? How is it working for you? for your staff? Please share your experiences in the comments below.


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