Daemon: Thought-provoking book by Daniel Suarez

Do you play multi-player interactive games on the internet? How involved are you in the world of those games? Have you ever wondered how those games relate to the real world…or if they do?

I recently finished reading Daemon by Daniel Suarez. I was so fascinated by the ideas in the book that I just downloaded the free chapters of the sequel, FreedomTM and have requested the book from my local library. While I am waiting, I have been thinking and doing some research.

The premise of the book is that a dying computer game writer creates a program (called a daemon) that initiates upon news of his death. The extent of the infiltration of that program into the worlds of the rest of us is amazing. The book explores the worlds of computer and credit card hackers, drug cartels and crime syndicates, and all the government and quasi-government but private organizations potentially involved in these events.

This book is written by a computer systems person who consults to Fortune 1000 companies. His presentation of the events and concepts makes for a very exciting though violent story. It is called a techno-thriller. I call it science fiction….but all the technologies are current, so the events could occur.

I work in a high tech industry. We write software, so I thought I was at least somewhat informed about the technological world. This book revealed to me that I am totally ignorant of this whole realm. That is part of what is interesting to me about it. How can I live and work in the sphere I do and still have no idea about this arena?

Techies find this book and its sequel pretty fascinating. An article written by Josh McHugh in 2008 in Wired magazine talks about how the author got serious credibility in the geek world after self-publishing the book.

An organization called The Long Now Foundation . . . that is focused on encouraging and supporting long-term thinking about and responsible action in our world . . . had Suarez present a seminar about bot-mediated reality to members. As with most things I find interesting, the links I find in the cyber-world about my starting point are equally fascinating!

I have tried not to be a spoiler about Suarez’ books. That may have made this article a bit too vague. I hope you are interested enough to take a look at the links. Maybe it is time for us to balance our focus on the present and too many things to do with thought about the future and where we are taking ourselves.

Please share your comments below. Since I have no history with computer games, please share your experience and insights in that world.





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