Smartphone Apps for Behavioral Health: Are you connected?

I read a newsletter yesterday that got me thinking. Mercom Market Intelligence Report on Healthcare IT for January 27, 2014 talked about the boom in patient at-home monitoring. I wondered what kind of apps might be around for behavioral health and whether they might be useful as supports in therapy.

When I worked as a psychologist, I practiced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as taught by Aaron Beck and his colleagues. The biggest struggle my patients had was to remember to do their homework, self-monitoring that almost always involved daily recording of activities, thoughts and reactions. I always provided them with a pocket-sized notebook to record things (this was 20 years ago, after all). Now, I would be more likely to find a higher tech way to assist them.

And so I began my quick review. I started with a Google search for ‘behavioral health self monitoring apps.’ I was somewhat surprised at the pages of links and articles that appeared. This has clearly become a hot area. Some of the apps are aimed at young people and children; many are aimed at adults.

I have not reviewed any of these apps. I am going to give you lots of articles and links so you can explore for yourself.

There are some more formal articles and research reports on the subject.

The American Psychological Association is offering some continuing education on the subject.

And multiple organizations list smart phone apps among a variety of self-help resources.

I was surprised at the broad array of resources available. Certainly each clinician will need to review these and determine if there any that fit well with their practice and modalities and might be beneficial to their clients. Perhaps some of you have already done that.

Please share any smartphone apps you use in your practice or organization to facilitate therapy progress. We would love to know what you have found useful.

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