Vacation and your mental health

Last week I was at a 10-day yoga training. Later this week, I will head out for a long-weekend holiday celebration. Vacations have become more important to me over time. They are times for me to recharge, rest and restore enthusiasm to my day-to-day life.

Research supports that vacations are important to your health, to your relationships and to your productivity. Some say we should all vacation at the same time to get the best effects. Other research supports taking shorter, more frequent vacations.

What purposes do vacations serve for you? Spending time with family? Entertaining children when they are out of school? Catching up on work around the house? Traveling to far-off places? Pursuing the adventure of a lifetime? Or is rest and recharging more for you?

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0 thoughts on “Vacation and your mental health

  • Marcia B Leder says:

    If you don’t have your life balanced on a day to day basis, or on a weekly basis, you are not going to get it balanced all of a sudden in the Summer. Balance is an all the time thing.

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