Patients with Unapplied Payments and Outstanding Balances

I need a report that shows me all of the patients who have an unapplied credit AND a patient balance. At the end of the month I need to run a this report and go back and apply credits to balances that somehow I have missed throughout the month. I have tried to do this by running the unapplied credit report but that report includes patients without a balance and is very time consuming to go into each of those accounts. For example, a patient received a statement for $75.00 yet she had $70 in unapplied credits.

While all the information you need is in the standard Aging by Patient report, this query filters that information so the results contain only those accounts and payors of interest.

   (PtPayors.Age0to30 + PtPayors.Age31to60 + PtPayors.Age61to90 + PtPayors.Age91to120 + PtPayors.AgeOvr120) AS "BALANCE",
   PtPayors.Ageunapplied AS "UNAPPLIED",
   Patients.LastName + ', ' + Patients.FirstName AS "Patient Name",
   Payors.PayorName + ' ' + Payors.FirstName AS "Payor Name",
   SOS.Patients Patients
   LEFT OUTER JOIN SOS.PtPayors PtPayors ON Patients.PtNum= PtPayors.PtNum
   LEFT OUTER JOIN SOS.Payors Payors ON PtPayors.PayorNum=Payors.PayorNum
   "UNAPPLIED" > 0
   AND "BALANCE" > 0
  "Patient Name", Patients.ID, PtPayors.PayorNum

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