Patients with Scheduler and Transaction Screen Warnings

As we move into next year, we must prepare for our usual mad flurry of activity in updating patient records to reflect the new calendar year. Deductibles need to be re-configured. Copays that increase with session frequency also need to be readjusted. We usually put such information under the ADDITIONAL tab in the patient record, specifically in the spaces called Scheduler reminder and Transaction Screen Reminder. I need a query that shows the data entered in these fields for each patient.

This query will output a line if there is either a “don’t schedule” reason OR a transaction memo. The list will include only Active list patients with no discharge date entered and something entered in either or both of the reminder fields.

  lastName+','+firstName+' '+ id AS "Patient",
  flag = 0
  AND dischargedate IS NULL
  AND (noSchedReason <>''  OR trannote <>'')
ORDER By LastName, FirstName

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