Claims and Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I add a new filing address for a Carrier that is already in my list?

Each Carrier can have an unlimited number of addresses and phone numbers. You can add a new one in the "Carrier Communications" section of the Carrier details screen. Once you have an address in that list, it will show up when in the pick list that comes up in the Insurance Plan screen, as well as in the Policy screen.
1. Open existing Carrier and add new address in the Carrier Communications section. Be sure to click the Save button on the toolbar before proceeding.
2. Click the Insurance Plans tab and open the appropriate Plan. Drop the selection list for the Mail To Address and select the new address you just added to the Carrier’s address list. This new address will now be the default for patient insurance policies you create for this plan.
It is also possible to leave the default Insurance Plan Mail To address alone and use the new address you added as an override address for just specific patient Insurance Policies, regardless of the Plan, as long as you have added the address to the Carrier's list first.

From the Patient's main screen, select the Payers tab, then the Insurance Policies tab. Open the policy for which you want the different address. In the Insurance Plan section of the screen, click the Override Mail-To Address field. You can now select your new address in the pick list.
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