How to Correct Payroll Errors

Once the payroll has been processed, you cannot undo it. If you notice an error afterwards, however, you can fix any credits that caused a problem and SOS will create correcting entries in the current payroll report.

Let’s say, for example, that a $50 payment from patient Jimmy Johnson is applied to a service rendered by Dr. Smith. The credit entry is saved, the daysheet is posted, and a line indicating a payment for Dr. Smith appears in the pending payroll list. At the end of the payroll period, the payroll is processed and checks are distributed to the providers in accordance with the report.

In reviewing the payroll report, Dr. Jones notices that it does not include a payment from Jimmy Johnson, even though he is sure that one was made. The front office investigates and finds that the $50 payment was applied in error to Dr. Smith’s service rather than to Dr. Jones’ service.

The correction is pretty straightforward:

  1. Open the credit in which Jimmy’s payment was recorded, and located the split at the bottom showing that it was applied to the service by Dr. Smith.
  2. Modify that split, changing the amount paid in the split from $50 to $0 and save it. The credit will now show that $50 now shows as unapplied.
  3. Find the appropriate service by Dr. Jones among the outstanding charges, and apply the now available $50 to it.
  4. Save the credit entry.

After making and saving the change, take a look at the pending payroll list. You will see a line subtracting a payment from Dr. Smith, and another line adding a payment for Dr. Jones. When the payroll is run and checks are generated at the end of the period, Dr. Smith will receive less in his check to make up for the previous over-payment, and Dr. Jones will receive the back pay owed to him.

The bottom line is that you can just go ahead and fix errors in the patient ledgers and SOS will automatically create the appropriate payroll adjustments in the current pending payroll list.