Datasets, and Switching from One Dataset to Another

Datasets, also known as sublicenses, are used to segregate data for two or more business entities within the same SOS database. From the user’s perspective, each dataset has its own list of patients, providers, suppliers, and referral sources. Other lists, such as service codes, insurance carriers, diagnoses, and so on, are common to all datasets.

Note: Adding a data set requires that you obtain a license key for the specific dataset name from SOS. There is a small additional charge to cover the administrative costs of creating and tracking the additional dataset. You will receive new licensing information, which must be entered into your system to enable any new data sets.

To change from one dataset to another, close all SOS tabs, so that all you see is the main OM screen and Navigation bar, as shown below:

Select Tools > Change to Another Dataset.

In this form you can select the desired dataset from a drop-list. In addition, after choosing a dataset, you can make it the default dataset. In the future, it will be automatically opened for you as soon as you log into SOS.