How to Generate Secondary Claims

In the normal course of events, SOS will automatically queue up claims for the secondary payer as soon as the balance on the primary insurance drops to zero due to payment, adjustment, or transfer. If there is a tertiary payer, it will follow when the secondary is completed, and so on. 

The exception is when the charge fee amount is zero, but it is still necessary to generate a claim. In that case, the secondary insurance won’t generate a claim unless you manually mark the primary insurance claim for the charge as “paid.” Here is how that is done:

  1. In the main Navigation bar, open the Claims section and click Outstanding Zero Splits.
  2. The Outstanding Zero Insurance Splits list will appear. Tag one or more charges in the list. Use the push-pin buttons in the toolbar or the standard Windows tagging methods of click, CTRL-click, SHIFT-click and so on. In the web browser version of G5, check the boxes to the left of the desired lines.
  3. Once you have tagged desired lines, click the dollar-sign button in the toolbar.
  4. Any charges for which there is a secondary payer will now be queued for billing in the next insurance batch for which it qualifies.