Running Provider Payroll

IMPORTANT: Your payroll results include only payments that have been applied to specific charge entries. Unapplied payments will be ignored.

Running payroll consists of selecting desired payment entries, generating a report, and, if the report is correct, processing the report to your SOS accounting records:

  1. Click Payroll under Billing in the Navigation panel. A list will appear containing all the payroll-eligible credits that have not yet been processed. Only credits that have been posted to patient ledgers will appear in this list. Those remaining in the Daysheet cannot be processed and therefore do not appear on the Payroll list.

  2. You can, and should, apply appropriate list filters so that only those providers and credits you want to process appear in the list. For example, if you want to include only payments made during a particular date range for this payroll, create the appropriate filter for the Transaction Date column of the list. There are many options for date filtering available to you. Filtering for just certain providers is even easier. Just move your mouse pointer to the upper right corner of the Provider Name column heading (which, by default appears in the “Group By” area at the top of the list), then click the funnel icon that will appear there. A list of providers will appear and you can check the boxes next to the ones you want to keep in the list.

  3. If you do not see the individual credits listed onscreen, double click each Provider Name line in the list (or the little plus sign to the left of each provider group heading) to toggle the details display.
  4. You must now tag (highlight) the content you want to include in your payroll. If your Payroll list contains exactly what you want to report and process, press <CTRL><A> or click the double map pin icon in the tool bar to instantly tag everything in the list.

  5. Once you have tagged one or more payroll items, the print and process icons in the toolbar will be enabled. SOS recommends that you use the Review/Print Preview button to review the results before going on to the Process Payroll button. There is no way to undo payroll processing, so carefully check the Preview before proceeding!!


  6. Generate the payroll preview report, using the first button on the toolbar.
  7. Review the report carefully.
  8. Use the second button on the toolbar to process the payroll as displayed. You cannot reverse this operation, which is why the review step is so important.

Check your system options to be sure you have indicated whether to report payroll by rendering or primary provider. In SOS G5, the primary provider is specified on the patient’s Care Episode, and each Charge entry includes a drop list to assign it to the desired Care Episode. The rendering provider, by contrast, is the provider selected on each Charge entry.

To put it another way, select the Primary Provider option if the patient’s primary provider on her Care Episode is the one who should receive payment. See below for the location of the Primary Provider field on the Care Episode details page:

On the other hand, if you want to pay the provider indicated on each Charge, regardless of the named PrimaryProvider, then be sure to select Rendering Provider in the payroll report’s options. Doing so will cause the report to filter based on the provider indicated on your Charge entry screen:

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