How to Print Reports and Query Your Data Using List Views

The article Exploring List View Features explains how to:

  • Filter the rows that are displayed in a list.
  • Move columns.
  • Hide columns.
  • Sort rows into the desired order.
  • Group the rows in a list by values in one or more columns.
  • Display summary values for groups, such as count, maximum, minimum, average, and sum (total).

Using these techniques you can create a list on screen that shows exactly the data of interest, in a way that is useful for you. In addition, however, you can print a nicely formatted hard copy, or export the results in various file formats. Let’s say, for example, that we would like to know the breakdown of male and female patients grouped by zip code. Starting from the main patient list, we could…

  1. Add columns for Zip Code and Sex.
  2. Sort each of those column as desired.
  3. Remove all other columns other than the Full Name and ID.
  4. Drag those Zip Code and Sex column up into the Group area at the top of the list.

The result would look something like this:

Expanding the Zip Codes by clicking the little “+” at the left of each , we reveal the counts in each Zip Code:

To print a hard copy, right-click anywhere in the list

How to suppress printing of the details (in this case, the name/id data) if I just want the group summaries?

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