Managing the Programs Lookup List and a Patient’s Program Enrollments

It may be helpful to keep track of the Treatment Programs in which a patient is enrolled. A Program can also be selected on Charge and Credit entry forms – which can be valuable in analyzing utilization. In previous versions of SOS the prompt for the field on Charge and Entry screens in which you could select a program was called “Sort Code”, so if you used that field in the past, you will want to read this discussion of Programs and Program Enrollments.

Create a list of Programs

The first step is to be sure that you have created a lookup list containing the names of the programs that your organization offers. The Program Names lookup can be found in the Navigation Bar under Common Lookups > Other Common Lookups.

To review existing Program Names, expand the row for Lookup Type: PROGRAM NAMES by clicking the little “+” at the left end of the row. To add a new Program Name, right-click the row and select the New button at the top of the menu, as shown below.

Complete the simple form, then click the Save & Exit button on the top toolbar.

That is all you need to do to add a new selection to the Program selection list in the Charge, Credit, or Progress Note form.


Adding Program Enrollment details to a Patient Record

Program Enrollments are managed from a tab in the patient’s Care Episodes (a tab on the Patient form).

Double-click the relevant Care Episode in the list


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