CMS: Are you familiar with their newsletters and eLists?

Since I was once a Medicare provider, I have long received newsletters from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Several years ago, they started to make major improvements to their websites offering large quantities of information for both providers and consumers of services. I am not sure how I wound up on an email list, but I now received regular information about a variety of topics related to healthcare and CMS.

While all healthcare providers need this information, we have found that behavioral health providers are often out of the information loop. Unfortunately, under most laws, HIPAA included, ignorance of a law and its requirements offers you no protection from the law. If you have not already done so, it might be time to begin to inform yourself about various subjects related to Medicare.

The number of topics available is outstanding.

I subscribe to both the CMS Industry ICD-10 Update and to the Caregiver eNewsletter. I find both resources quite useful.



If you would like to stay informed on any topics for which CMS is responsible just sign up for one of their eLists. Once you start receiving information on one topic, you can determine if it is useful and manage your preferences for the updates you receive.

Which of these lists are among those to which you subscribe? Please share your preferences!




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