How-To Use Keyboard Shortcuts in SOS Suite of Products

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For those of you born after 1980, using a mouse is second nature. It may be impossible for you to imagine it, but sometimes using keyboard shortcuts will save time when entering data. Those of you with excellent keyboard skills know this to be true!


The only preparation needed to use keyboard shortcuts in the SOS Suite of Products, is to attend a bit differently than you might be used to doing. Look for the underlined letter in a product or field name to know which key to use to get there.

  1. Login on the main SOS login screen.
  2. Notice that each field has a letter that is underlined.
  3. Pressing the Alt key + the underlined letter (the hotkey or keyboard shortcut) will bring you to that field or operate that button.

underlined-letter4. This is true on the Product login screen,


on the patient information screens,


and in most places where you would be moving from field to field typing information.


5. Sometimes a letter is duplicated. Just press Alt + the shortcut two or three times to get to the field you want to reach.


Sometimes, just pressing the tab key multiple times will get you to the field you want; but in most cases, pressing Alt + the underlined key will get there quicker. And, in almost every case, Alt + the shortcut key will be faster than lifting your hand from the keyboard, finding the mouse, and clicking in the field you want.

Give it a try! You might be pleasantly surprised.

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