Mental Health and e-Health News Bits

Running a mental health practice or community organization is a demanding endeavor and probably gets in the way of reading some of the huge volumes of info out there. I just thought I would share some quick bits and pieces of information you might find useful.

1.   ICD-10 Update: Last October 31, I posted information about an October 2011 deadline for implementing the ICD-10. HHS has relented and set a new deadline of October 1, 2013 for adoption of the diagnosis and procedure system.  The code sets are complete and available for your information at the HHS web site. An informational document will give you the scoop.

(Reported in Healthcare Informatics on January 16, 2009.)

2. Community Partnership of Southern Arizona has links on their website that many will find useful. They have collected state-by-state information on the following 19 items for all 50 states: Mental Health Authority, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), Mental Health America, Protection and Advocacy,  2-1-1 Human and Emergency Services, Employment Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Medicaid Authority, Housing Authority, Homeless Information, Food Bank Locator, Food Stamp Program, Resources for Individuals with Disabilities, Psychiatric Advance Directives, Suicide Prevention, Civil Commitment Statutes, National Council: Providers, National Council: State Association, Child Welfare Information, and Department of Education.

3.  Evidence Based Practice Toolkits are available from SAMHSA. Six toolkits are currently available for public use. If you have been considering implementation of EBP in your organization, these toolkits are a good place to begin.

(Reported in the January 15, NJAMHA Newswire.)

4. HIPAA: I have come upon a wonderful way to keep up with and understand all things HIPAA-related. is a web site devoted to education about HIPAA and has some outstanding articles. You can subscribe to their blog and follow them on Twitter.

What would you like us to discuss in this space? Are there kinds of information that are more useful than others? Let us know which topics you find most important.

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