Psychiatry CPT Codes for 2013

A few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming changes in the CPT codes for psychiatric services. Lots of people have been looking for detail on those changes, but the American Medical Association has not yet released all of the specifics. They are planning major changes to the general illness codes as well.

The AMA invites the health care community to learn more about the significant changes to the 2013 CPT codes and descriptors by attending the CPT/RBRVS Symposium in Chicago from Nov. 14-16, 2012. For additional information, please visit the AMA website at:

If you are not going to be in Chicago in November for the symposium, there will likely be some other venues through which you can obtain more detail. The American Psychiatric Association (aPa) has created some documents that should be helpful, but they too cannot release the codes to the general public until the AMA gives them the go ahead. aPa members can obtain more specific information at their website.

The National Council announced their own upcoming workshop in today’s Public Policy Update. The challenge is that the codes are changing for everyone who provides mental health services. While some changes happen every year, this is a pretty involved set requiring the use of evaluation and management codes. The Council has already put together a fact sheet that you might find helpful. You might consider attending the webinar they are planning in November.

This is a topic for all of us to get informed about and stay on top of. Please share any information or links that you become aware of. Just enter them in the Comments below.

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