SATVA to hold Interoperability Conference

The Software and Technology Vendor Association (SATVA) is hosting the first Behavioral Health Interoperability Conference for behavioral health electronic medical records software next week. SOS is among the member organizations who will be attending the conference along with other behavioral health software vendors, some vendor clients, representatives of The National Council (NCCBH), MHCA, and others.

SATVA has been active in national efforts to keep behavioral health treatment within the mainstream of the conversation about  health care technology and reform. Since the behavioral health community is such a small part of the overall health care picture, a non-profit organization consisting of vendors of technology products, working with other behavioral health advocacy organizations stands a better chance of having an impact.

In September 2005, following the broad call of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (IOM) for increased use of electronic health records to increase the quality of health care, SATVA and SAMHSA co-sponsored a Summit on EHRs in the behavioral health community. This initial activity laid the foundation for the development of a profile for standards for behavioral health EHRs, a necessary precondition for developing interoperable products.

The Behavioral Health Interoperability Conference is a natural outgrowth of the progressive work of SATVA and its members to advance the quality and quantity of behavioral health services provided by members’ clients with consumers of care the ultimate beneficiary of all our efforts.

Synergistic Office Solutions, Inc. is proud to have been a member of SATVA since 2004.

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