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Recently we have allowed one of our part time staff to telecommute from home. She has a VPN connection to our Terminal Server here at the main office. Any ideas of how I can track her time–or at least verify her hours? While her work is on the “honor” system, I’d still like the ability to monitor the quantity of work. Any ideas?

While I believe I can see the time she logs on and off of SOS, her log on time doesn’t mean she is actually working during that time. How about looking at amount of work on her daysheet?

Actually, there is a good bit of literature that indicates higher productivity in home workers, and this will allow your staff to show that they can be at least as productive at home as at the office. The following query would do the trick if you just want to use number of transactions entered as a metric. I would suggest that you use it over a substantial “in-office” period to establish a baseline, then once she settles in at home, do it again with the “at-home” date range. This query would give you all users who enter transactions, but you can certainly add a condition to limit to certain adduser values if you like.

   COALESCE(adduser, 'ALL USERS') AS "USER",
   adddate BETWEEN '2008-01-01' AND '2008-01-31'
   ROLLUP(adddate, adduser)
   "DATE", "USER"

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