Adding a New Appointment

While you can create a new appointment from any of the Appointment views, to minimize data entry, SOS recommends that you use the Day View or Work Week View. With a few clicks, you can select provider, date, and time before even clicking the New Appointment button or menu entry. Here is the step-by-step:

  1. Open Scheduler > Appointments by Provider from the navigation bar and select the view you prefer, but using the Day View or Work Week View will save data entry time in the long run. Make sure that the desired provider is showing. If not, use the Provider Filter button on the top toolbar to add him or her to the providers being displayed. See: Selecting Providers to Appear in the Appointment View.
  2. Check to be sure that you are in the Day View or Work Week View, and that the day in which you want to create a new appointment is displayed. Click the grid cell under the desired provider representing the start time of the appointment and drag down to the end time to highlight the time block(s) for the appointment.
  3. Now right click the highlight to open the pop-up menu and select New Appointment. The video below shows how the new Appointment form will come up with the starting date and time, duration, and ending time will be pre-filled based on your selections in the appointment grid. If the times are not quite correct because of the cell intervals in the view, adjust them as needed. Add the reset of the required information and save.