Changing the Scheduler View

There are several Scheduler views available to you in the SOS G5 Scheduler. Several of these should be familiar to you if you have ever used the calendar feature in Microsoft Outlook or Google’s Calendar App, with one important difference: you can view the appointments for multiple providers at the same time. In the sample screen shots just below, the displays show five providers:

  • Day View
  • Work Week View
  • Week View
    (days across the top and providers down the left side)
  • Month View
    (days across the top and providers down the left side)
  • Agenda View
    Chronological list of appointments. To limit the providers shown in the list, select desired providers using the Provider Filter before switching to the Agenda view. This view is similar to the Appointments for a Period report, but the report is grouped differently and contains far more detail.
  • Selected Date Range highlighted in the mini-month calendars. Highlight the dates you want to view in the right side-panel to display that date range in the Appointment grid.

How to Change the View

To change from one appointment view to another, right-click anywhere in the current appointment view, move your mouse to (or click) Change View To, then click the desired view.