Selecting Providers to Appear in the Appointment View

Regardless of the currently selected view (Day, Work Week, Week, or Month) you can filter the provider selection so that only those in which you are currently interested will appear in the appointment grid. Here is an example in which four of seven providers are displayed in the Work Week view:

Here’s another example, with the same four providers, shown this time in the Day View:

In order to specify the providers you want to see in the grid, click the Filter Providers button in the top toolbar, above the schedule grid:

A pick-list will open, in which you can tag one or more provider. Note that only those providers to which you have access appear in the list. You can tag the desired providers by holding down the <CTRL> key while clicking each of your selections. Do the same to un-tag a previously tagged provider. The tag all, or un-tag all, use the map pin buttons just above the list.

After changing your selected providers, you might have to use the “refresh” button in the top toolbar to show your new selection.