Entering a New Patient, Step 1: Open the Appropriate Patient Form

Note: This article describes the complete, detailed method used to enter a new patient, including all patient details (for example: unlimited street addresses, email addresses, patient contacts, payers and insurance policies, plus much, much more). There is an alternate “Quick Add” feature that allows you to rapidly initialize a patient record with the basic data on a single screen. You can then use the full interface to enter additional information at a later time. See Using Quick Add to Rapidly Create a New Patient Account for more information.


All information related to patients can be entered and reviewed from each patient’s main screen. To view, modify or add a new patient with access to all patient data, go to Patients in the navigation pane on the left of your screen, then select Patients which is the gateway to the complete Patient screen, containing all data tabs.

There are also more specialized patient lists that show just the basic demographics (Patients – Demographics), demographics plus billing-related data (Patients – Billing), or demographics plus clinical records (Patients – Clinical). The patient form accessed from each of these lists calls up a different variation of the entry screen, tailored to different types of users, with different data entry needs. The top of the patient screens are all the same, but differences are reflected in the tabbed section at the bottom:

Patient (All Tabs):

Patient – Billing:

Patient – Clinical:

Patient – Demographics:

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