Entering a New Patient, Step 3: Patient Communications

At the bottom left of the Main tab of the Patient Form you will find a panel titled “Patient Communications (Addresses, Emails, Phones)”. It is here that you can record an unlimited number of, you guessed it, street addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Notice the “New” icon on the left side of the toolbar at the top of the Communications panel. Use the little arrow just to the right of the icon to select the type of information you want to add.

You can add information in any order you like, but we’ll just start with an address. The City field is a pick list. After a while all the combinations you normally use will be in the list. Type a couple of letters of the desired city to quickly get to the right part of a long list. Use the “New” button at the bottom to add a new City-State-Zip.

Use Save and Close in the top toolbar (or the <Ctrl><Return> hotkey) to save your new address and return to the patient’s Communications list.

Use the same steps to add additional addresses, emails, and phone numbers. If you put more than one of any type into the list, SOS will mark the first one you enter as the “default”. You can designate a different entry to be the default by highlighting your choice and clicking the star icon in the toolbar at the top of the Communications panel. Your designated default in each category will be highlighted green. If you make a mistake, just make sure that the last one you click is the one you want to be the real default. If you save and refresh the screen (using the icons in the top toolbar), you will see that only one entry in each category shows as the default. If there is only one item in a category, the system will mark it the default when you save the patient form.


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