Using Quick Add to Rapidly Create a New Patient Account

Adding a complete, new patient account requires time and effort. It may include:

  • Identifying and demographic information.
  • Multiple addresses, phone numbers, and emails.
  • Emergency and other patient contacts.
  • Primary, plus one or more secondary insurance information.

Getting all this information entered can require navigating to multiple screens and countless fields. Sometimes all you want to do is get the most essential data entered as quickly as possible, knowing that you can always come back later to add supplemental information.

To this end, SOS provides Quick Add – just the essentials on one compact screen.

From any of the Patient List screens, click the Quick Add button in the top toolbar. Complete the basic identifying and demographic fields, then, if there is insurance coverage, select the appropriate plan from the drop-list. If you can’t find a matching plan in the list, use the New button at the lower right corner of the list to create a new one, then select it. The essential insurance policy fields will then appear, as will a handful of Claim Setup fields. Fill in what you can in both panels.

Repeat for secondary insurance coverage, if any. Check your input for the entire page and when ready click OK to save and close the form. Note that Quick Add cannot handle a third insurance policy, but after saving, you can open the new patient account from the Patient List and add as many additional policies as you wish.

Note that the Quick Add form is just for initial account creation. Any subsequent review or modification must be done from the Patient List.

Complete patient entry:

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Entering a New Patient, Step 2: Basic Demographic Data Fields
Entering a New Patient, Step 3: Patient Communications
Entering a New Patient, Step 4: Contacts

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