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Every two years around this time I am busy completing my Continuing Education Units (CEUs) so I can renew my license as a psychologist. I have done this every biennium since 1980, even though I retired from practice 17 years ago. In Florida, the license is both a practice and title act…to represent myself to the public as a psychologist, I need to be licensed. This was the first year I have even vaguely questioned why I continue to do so.

The decision to renew has usually been an easy one for me to make even though I do not practice and have no plan to return to work as a psychologist. I have a strong identification as a psychologist. I knew since early high school that I wanted a Ph.D. in clinical psychology; I always wanted to practice independently.

Even when we decided to relocate to central Florida and I took the opportunity to close my practice and work with SOS full time, I never considered dropping my license. After all, we have always told you that we provide software by psychologists for psychologists (and all other behavioral health providers). And anyway, who knows what time and politics will bring!

Usually my reading is a way to meet my CEU requirements and keep up with the clinical side of psychology. This year I was surprised; two of the articles I read this weekend were actually quite interesting to me; they were articles on personal or life coaching and Positive Psychology. Both of these areas have roots in the personal growth and Humanistic Psychology movements of the 1970’s, but are 21st century, mainstream ways of implementing growth-oriented interventions.

As the healthcare arena changes over the course of the next few years, it is highly likely that some organizations will seek to provide pure healthcare services. Others will choose to diversify their services in a variety of ways…and even to provide their services in unique fashion. Open Minds recently discussed both telehealth delivery of services and the use of virtual reality interventions to treat certain problems.

What new kinds of therapy has your organization considered? Do you continue to provide the same services you have always performed, or are you on the lookout for ways to diversify? What criteria do you use to decide if a particular service or technique should be added to your bag of tricks?

Please share your comments. We would love to know how you expand the services your organization provides. Just enter your comment in the box below. If you do not see a box, click on the title of the article and scroll down to the comment box. Thanks for reading!

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