Resources for Behavioral Health Providers

I read lots of articles online…or I download the articles and read them in .pdf format. Seth found a free tool that is going to make this whole reading and organizing process easier for me. It is called PDF-XChange Viewer and it can be downloaded for FREE! If you like to highlight and make notes as you go, this is a great tool.

That resource is really just a lead-in. In case you have not already collected some of the following sources from my references to them in other articles, I am going to put them all in one place. These are newsletters and web sites that are chock full of information that can help you stay informed about changes in the health care and regulatory world.

  1. My favorite by far is The National Council (NCCBH). This organization produces regular newsletters on varied topics, but I find their Public Policy Update to be an invaluable source of information on laws and regulations, policy trends and how you can address them. I have also greatly enjoyed their Webinars. Ordinarily, I would have already registered for the program coming up on Friday, May 14, What is an Accountable Care Organization and Why Should I Care? Since I will be out of town, I won’t be able to attend when it is broadcast; instead, I will watch it at a later date from the web site. The best part is that these programs are free and you do not need to be a member to participate in them. They are provided as a service to the behavioral health community.
  2. Every Monday, I receive a free multi-paged newsletter from the Mercom Capital Group, LLC of Austin, TX and Bangalore, India. This newsletter pulls capsules of information from a large variety of sources providing a quick overview of events in the domain of health care technology and health care policy. If you are interested in trying it out, send your email address to Raj at
  3. Open Minds is a longstanding and thorough source of industry information and strategy specifically for behavioral health provider organizations. While there are an abundance of workshops, webinars and premium programs, the Open Minds Circle is a free-for-the-registering newsletter from founder Monica Oss and others at Open Minds.
  4. Behavioral Healthcare and Healthcare Informatics (products of the Vendome Group), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology all have mass quantities of information to offer you, all available online.

The amazing thing to me is that this is just a small list. If you were to add in blogs, the amount of free, high-quality information available to you on the web is overwhelming. Choose wisely…and use that free .pdf markup tool to make it easier!

Please share with the rest of our readers sources of behavioral health industry information upon which you rely. Just enter your comments in the box below.

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