New Year . . . New Plan

I am in the process of deciding how to proceed with and utilize my blog during 2011. Since you are the consumers of the blog articles, I would very much appreciate your input about how I should do this.

  1. Are there particular topics I have written about that were particularly interesting or useful to you?
  2. Are there certain things you would like me to address?
  3. Do you think the blog is a waste of your time and mine and that I should just let it go?

Please share your thoughts with me. I would like this effort to be as worthwhile as possible. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and commenting when you have the chance!


0 thoughts on “New Year . . . New Plan

  • Hi Kathy – I agree – Do Not Stop the blog! Even though my time to monitor it is limited, I think it’s really valuable to have someone like yourself keeping your ear to the ground and telling us about the issues you see coming up. I agree with questions others have raised, especially staying on op of the healthcare reform changes and possible reduction issues. I also have seen somewhere that parity is actually having a reverse effect, in that there is a loophole through which companies can avoid paying for MH benefits, which is to eliminate the coverage entirely. That is certainly not the outcome any of us would have wished parity to provide (yuck!)
    Warmly – Ann Aukamp

  • I enjoy reading your blog. I am interested in parity and the ICD 10. I have a specific interest in any problems any one is having with filing secondaries electronically – our state Blue Cross is a nightmare. My providers are balking at electronic records and prescriptions due to confidentiality issues and protecting the patient’s rights.

  • Definitely do NOT give it up! I find your topics interesting and informative, and like that your topics run the gamut. Somehow or another whenever my directors ask me a question about a specific issue, that’s what you happen to be covering. Keep up the great work (and impeccable timing)!

    • Good, Jamie. I have not felt like things have been so timely lately and that is part of my struggle. I will try to keep it interesting and provide useful information.

      If anyone else has suggestions, let me know!

  • I like your blog, and also like its free-ranging nature. Given the upcoming challenges with health care reform and IT, I think it will inevitably go somewhat in that direction…..but keep it up!


    • Glad you enjoy it, Spence. I have enjoyed writing it, but it is time consuming, so I wanted to be sure I am spending the time well. I will keep at it.

  • I would like to hear about changes in healthcare reform and the impact on mental health, also Electronic Medical records is another topic I would be interested in hearing about.

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