Resolutions: 2012

Are you a resolution-maker? Are you gearing up to lose those extra pounds you put on last year? Have you set new goals for your productivity, your work ethic, your family time or your compassion? Some statistics show that 40 – 45% of adult Americans make New Year’s resolutions; if you do so, you have lots of company.

When I was a younger person, I made resolutions every year and worked hard to keep them. In the past several years, my energy has been scattered in too many directions to even make resolutions, much less to keep them.

This year feels somewhat different. I achieved several goals I set for myself personally in the last half of 2011 and doing that has made me more open to a resolution or two in 2012. Both of those I am setting pertain to my work and are shared with me by other members of the SOS team…particularly those of us in customer service.

  1. We have resolved to provide customer service that is strikingly above expectations to our clients. Those who trust us to provide software and support to accomplish their business needs deserve nothing less.
  2. We have resolved to help all of our customers to send their claims electronically . . . especially those who have already purchased our claims module, but who have never begun filing.

Neither of these resolutions is earth-shattering. We hope that makes them reasonable to accomplish. We trust that you will let us know how we are doing.

Please share your resolutions, or let us know why you have decided not to make any.

We hope for a healthy, happy and extraordinarily successful 2012 for all of you!


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